The Chapel at Red Rocks & Embassy Suites Downtown Wedding

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Brian and Emily were married last August at the Chapel at Red Rocks in Morrison, then took their party downtown with a wedding reception at the Embassy Suites. This couple wanted to blend their love of nature with their love of the city, and their mission was accomplished!


When Brian and Emily met at a baby shower (of all places), they had no idea that one day they would soon be married! When the time came to propose, Brian actually flew the ring out, secretly, on a trip to Missouri to visit Emily’s parents to ask for their permission, before returning back to Colorado to propose on top of a mountain!


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We talked to Emily and got her take on her wedding day! She said, “It all went by so fast! The entire day was pure perfection. My favorite memory is walking down the aisle. I saw him at the end, crying despite what he claims; my dad looked at me and smiled and I knew everything was going to be perfect. Then I saw some really great friends in the pew in front of me that had said they were not coming; it was a surprise to see them sitting there at my wedding and I couldn’t have been happier! You guys even caught my facial expression when I first saw them!”

When it came time to plan a wedding Emily knew it had to be modern yet traditional. There was so much that was important to keep traditional, especial for parents, but they couldn’t keep it too “old school”. Brian and Emily are fun, goofy, quirky people and wanted everything to represent our character. There was an expectation of clean mixed with humor and creativity: from green socks for the groomsmen, to songs titles for table names and playing each song to release guests to dinner.

When it came to their wedding day, both were most excited for the reception. Emily gave us insight saying, “The wedding was beautiful, but we both wanted so badly for everyone to have a blast at the reception. We worked really hard to make sure that the wedding was short and sweet: people get bored really easy! With the reception we wanted great food and great music. The teacher in me really made sure that everyone was not sitting too long and lots of movement throughout the night. We even set up the first dances and stuff so that people could eat in between and not get too bored watching dances.”

Photos by Randall Olsson and Felicia Marti of Randall Olsson Photography

Ceremony:  The Chapel at Red Rocks

Catering & Reception: Embassy Suites Downtown- Kristen “my saving grace”

DJ: Jammin DJ’s- Morgan “I would recommend them to anyone!”

Photography: Randall Olsson Photography “They did such a great job of exceeding my expectations”