Winter Engagement Photos at Red Rocks Park

Is it the middle of winter, and you find your self needing some winter engagement photos? Red Rocks Park is one of the truly unique photo locations in Colorado. It’s even beautiful in the winter! We love spending engagement sessions in the winter here at Red Rocks. Sometimes when the snow falls against the red background, it’s just absolutely beautiful! Take a look at these beautiful different engagement photos from different sessions from Randall Olsson Photography!

Colorado Engagement Pictures-9


Colorado Engagement Pictures-29

Colorado Engagement Pictures-30

Colorado Engagement Pictures-31

Colorado Engagement Pictures-21

Colorado Engagement Pictures-1

Photographs by Randall Olsson, Felicia Marti, and Hannah Medoff  from Randall Olsson Photography

Wedding at Holy Ghost Catholic Church, Denver.


Denver Wedding Photography-37

Dain and Lauren are a beautiful couple who were married in May in a wedding at Holy Ghost Catholic Church with a reception following at The Pines at Genesee. The downtown Denver ceremony with the mountain views at the reception were the perfect combination for urban and nature photos!

Enjoy these beautiful wedding photographs from the wedding at Holy Ghost Catholic Church, and learn a little bit more about this beautiful couple!

Lauren was born and raised in Littleton, CO. She has a Bachelor’s degree in political science with a minor in history from Colorado State University. Immediately upon graduation she began her career with OppenhiemerFunds in Englewood, CO. She decided to make finance her career and has obtained her Series 6, 7, and 66 licenses. In July 2012 she moved to be with Dain in Des Moines, Iowa where she began to work for Merrill Lynch.

Dain is from Highlands Ranch, CO, and comes from a big family. He played football and basketball growing up, but decided to pursue a football career at Drake University in Des Moines, IA. From there he went on to play a season with the Utah Blaze, but his season ended in knee injury that forced life changing decisions. He took the opportunity to go back to Drake as a graduate assistant defensive line coach. He now works with Wells Fargo in Des Moines.

randallolsson2014-1Lauren and Dain met through mutual friend and bridesmaid, Shannon! Shannon had gone to high school with Dain and stayed good friends with him after she went up to collage at CSU. Lauren and Shannon became friends in college. When Lauren first saw a picture of Dain on Shannon’s facebook, she says it was love at first sight! She even called her mom that day to say she saw her future husband! It wasn’t until a couple of years later when they were introduced and exchanged phone numbers. Almost a year later, Dain texted Lauren out of the blue when he moved back to Colorado from Iowa. It happened to be the very same day that she was moving back to Littleton from Fort Collins. They went to lunch and thus started their new life together.

Denver Wedding Photography-18

Denver Wedding Photography-26

Denver Wedding Photography-27

Lauren and Dain are huge football fans and participate in fantasy football together. They love the Denver Bronco’s. They watch and attend games whenever possible. They also love to work out together and spend lots of time with their adorable dog’s Roma and Luna. They are big believer’s in doing everything together, even running mundane errands!

Denver Wedding Photography-28

Dain and Lauren’s families are both located in Colorado and they could never dream of getting married anywhere else. So, when Dain proposed on Easter Sunday via an easter egg hunt, Lauren said ‘Yes!’, and began planning their wedding long distance. Lauren gives much of the planning credit to her fantastic mother who took care of much of the coordinating.

Denver Wedding Photography-31

Holy Ghost Catholic Church is an absolutely beautiful church to be married in! With it’s rich history.

Denver Wedding Photography-32


Denver Wedding Photography-33

Lauren’s advice to those planning a wedding now is to not sweat the small stuff because you will stress yourself out.  It is so important to remember why you are getting married and to be focused on celebrating your love.  No one will ever remember or notice if the cocktail napkins aren’t absolutely perfect.  Your wedding day is about you, your spouse, and your family.  Lauren and Dain’s wedding was planned on a fairly strict budget but you would never guess that looking at the gorgeous venue that day, the pictures, or tasting the food.  There are so many ways to cut back and save money! Spend your money on what matters most to you.

Denver Wedding Photography-36

Denver Wedding Photography-35

Wedding Vendors

Venue: The Holy Ghost Catholic Church and The Pines at Genesee      

Caterer: The Pines Catering

DJ/Band: Jammin DJs

Bridal shop: d’Anelli Bridal in Lakewood, 

Dress: Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner

Bakery: Astonishing Cakes, LLC 

Celebrant/Officiant:  Monsignor Kenneth Leone at Holy Ghost Catholic Church

Florist: Evans Craft, Diane Evans

Photography:  Randall Olsson Photography, Randall Olsson and Erica Cavanaugh

The Chapel at Red Rocks & Embassy Suites Downtown Wedding

Denver Wedding-30

Brian and Emily were married last August at the Chapel at Red Rocks in Morrison, then took their party downtown with a wedding reception at the Embassy Suites. This couple wanted to blend their love of nature with their love of the city, and their mission was accomplished!


When Brian and Emily met at a baby shower (of all places), they had no idea that one day they would soon be married! When the time came to propose, Brian actually flew the ring out, secretly, on a trip to Missouri to visit Emily’s parents to ask for their permission, before returning back to Colorado to propose on top of a mountain!


Denver Wedding-29

Denver Wedding-24

Denver Wedding-28

We talked to Emily and got her take on her wedding day! She said, “It all went by so fast! The entire day was pure perfection. My favorite memory is walking down the aisle. I saw him at the end, crying despite what he claims; my dad looked at me and smiled and I knew everything was going to be perfect. Then I saw some really great friends in the pew in front of me that had said they were not coming; it was a surprise to see them sitting there at my wedding and I couldn’t have been happier! You guys even caught my facial expression when I first saw them!”

When it came time to plan a wedding Emily knew it had to be modern yet traditional. There was so much that was important to keep traditional, especial for parents, but they couldn’t keep it too “old school”. Brian and Emily are fun, goofy, quirky people and wanted everything to represent our character. There was an expectation of clean mixed with humor and creativity: from green socks for the groomsmen, to songs titles for table names and playing each song to release guests to dinner.

When it came to their wedding day, both were most excited for the reception. Emily gave us insight saying, “The wedding was beautiful, but we both wanted so badly for everyone to have a blast at the reception. We worked really hard to make sure that the wedding was short and sweet: people get bored really easy! With the reception we wanted great food and great music. The teacher in me really made sure that everyone was not sitting too long and lots of movement throughout the night. We even set up the first dances and stuff so that people could eat in between and not get too bored watching dances.”

Photos by Randall Olsson and Felicia Marti of Randall Olsson Photography

Ceremony:  The Chapel at Red Rocks

Catering & Reception: Embassy Suites Downtown- Kristen “my saving grace”

DJ: Jammin DJ’s- Morgan “I would recommend them to anyone!”

Photography: Randall Olsson Photography “They did such a great job of exceeding my expectations”


Arrowhead Golf Club Wedding

Here is a look into a stunning Arrowhead Golf Club Wedding that took place last August. Miles and Michelle’s wedding was the opportunity for a big family reunion, and under the warmth of the day they wed with the beautiful Red Rocks behind them, and then partied their afternoon away.

Every wedding is different, and this Arrowhead Golf Club wedding shows photos from an early ceremony and luncheon reception. Miles and Michelle also had a first look, which was fun to do at Arrowhead! They are also avid golfers, so there’s a look at some fun golf wedding photos!

Arrowhead Wedding-22

Arrowhead Golf Club Wedding Venue

Photos by Randall Olsson Photography


Picking Bridesmaids Dresses

When it comes to picking colors for bridesmaids dresses, where do you begin? Do you want something that is colorful? Or neutral? Do you pick long, or short? Do you go with what’s so in right now doing different colors for each bridesmaid, or just one color? Do you pick a pattern for your bridesmaids dresses? Do you choose something that they can wear again? And what about picking dresses for a certain body type?

There are so many choices to consider, but the most important thing in our opinion, is picking something that represents YOU. We love showing up to the wedding and seeing the color pallet that reflects in those bridesmaids pictures. Every bride wants a fantastic photo of her and her best friends- but especially one on one of the most important days of her life.

Get some inspiration from these varying choices from some of our brides!

colorado wedding photography

colorado wedding photography

colorado wedding photography

colorado wedding photography

colorado wedding photography

colorado wedding photography

colorado wedding photography

colorado wedding photography

colorado wedding photographycolorado wedding photographycolorado wedding photography

colorado wedding photography-21

colorado wedding photography

colorado wedding photography

colorado wedding photography

colorado wedding photography

colorado wedding photography

colorado wedding photography

colorado wedding photography



Afraid of rain on your wedding day?

Are you up at night worrying that it’s going to rain on your wedding day? We are here to ease your fears, and let you know that some of the most beautiful photographs are taken at weddings where it it has rained! We’ve heard that rain on your wedding day is good luck- and so far that seems to be true for all our rained on brides and grooms!
Colorado wedding photography-1 Colorado wedding photography-6 Colorado wedding photography-5 Colorado wedding photography-4 Colorado wedding photography-3 Colorado wedding photography-2The best part of living in Colorado is that you can count on the weather changing quickly. We stay hopeful and optimistic at weddings, encouraging our worrisome brides that the storm will pass and everything will go as planned!

Colorado wedding photography-7 Colorado wedding photography-12 Colorado wedding photography-11 Colorado wedding photography-10 Colorado wedding photography-9 Colorado wedding photography-8
If it rains before your ceremony, we often take indoor bridal portraits! Using beautiful windows or mirrors for unique portraits. At other times we stuck the rain out, put our bridal party under archways and rain out into the rain to grab some amazing portraits. Occasionally during the worse storms, we’ve had couples who will run out in it for a moment for us to grab a few shots!

Colorado wedding photography-13 Colorado wedding photography-18 Colorado wedding photography-17 Colorado wedding photography-16 Colorado wedding photography-15 Colorado wedding photography-14

Take it from our bride, Chelsea, “We actually LOVE that there was rain on our wedding day.  Getting ready it was blue skies and sunny, but when we got to The Pines at Genesee, it was raining…a lot!  We were talking about having to move the wedding inside.  Felicia and Randy, you were both so calm and reassuring that the storm would pass and we could get married outside.  Sure enough it did!  We loved the rainy day good luck and the rainbow that followed.  It seemed like a nice reminder from nature to weather out the storm together.  Here we were, worried it would be too hot for people, instead it was fresh, crisp, and very comfortable.  It wasn’t as “planned” but it was perfect and so much better for us than if it hadn’t rained.”

Colorado wedding photography-26 Colorado wedding photography-25 Colorado wedding photography-24 Colorado wedding photography-23 Colorado wedding photography-22 Colorado wedding photography-21 Colorado wedding photography-20 Colorado wedding photography-19

Rest assured knowing there is always a way around the rain, and if not, then there is a way through it!


Venues featured in these photos: 

The Pines at Genesee

Three Tomatoes Steakhouse at Fossil Trace

Mount Vernon Event Center

Red Rocks Country Club

City Park Pavilion in Denver

Rockland Community Church

Lookout Mountain Park

Halloween Wedding with Comic-book Inspiration

We loved Cliff and Abbie’s vision from the beginning. They came to us and said, we want to do a comic-con style, halloween theme, fun, costume-included, wedding and give tribute to all the characters and things that we love. We had no idea when we showed up to photograph their wedding that everyone would be dressed in amazing costumes.

Their ceremony was a compilation of various wedding traditions including drinking whiskey from a chalice, being tied together, jumping over a broomstick. As they we pronounced husband a wife and ran back down the aisle, the couple and crowd were armed with nerf guns and a nerf gun war ensued.

As they made their way to the reception they entered through a lightsaber tunnel, and continued to party with their families and friends. We absolutely love how unique and creative Cliff and Abbie were with their wedding quest! We think they absolutely conquered their day!

Halloween Wedding-1

Halloween Wedding-2

Halloween Wedding-3

Halloween Wedding-4


Halloween Wedding-5Halloween Wedding-6

Halloween Wedding-7


Halloween Wedding-9Halloween Wedding-10

Halloween Wedding-11

Halloween Wedding-12

Halloween Wedding-13

Halloween Wedding-14

Halloween Wedding-15

Halloween Wedding-16

Halloween Wedding-17

Halloween Wedding-18

Halloween Wedding-19

Halloween Wedding-20


Photos by Hannah Medoff and Felicia Marti of Randall Olsson Photography

2014 Colorado Senior Portrait Photography

Class of 2014 it is time to get your senior portrait taken! Senior pictures are your opportunity to celebrate where you are in your life right now. Here are some amazing senior pictures that showcase a little bit of what we get to do here at Randall Olsson Photography with our awesome seniors!

Senior Portrait Senior Portrait Senior Portrait 2014 Senior Portrait 2014_1 Senior Portrait 2014_1 Senior Portrait 2014_1