Wedding at Holy Ghost Catholic Church, Denver.


Denver Wedding Photography-37

Dain and Lauren are a beautiful couple who were married in May in a wedding at Holy Ghost Catholic Church with a reception following at The Pines at Genesee. The downtown Denver ceremony with the mountain views at the reception were the perfect combination for urban and nature photos!

Enjoy these beautiful wedding photographs from the wedding at Holy Ghost Catholic Church, and learn a little bit more about this beautiful couple!

Lauren was born and raised in Littleton, CO. She has a Bachelor’s degree in political science with a minor in history from Colorado State University. Immediately upon graduation she began her career with OppenhiemerFunds in Englewood, CO. She decided to make finance her career and has obtained her Series 6, 7, and 66 licenses. In July 2012 she moved to be with Dain in Des Moines, Iowa where she began to work for Merrill Lynch.

Dain is from Highlands Ranch, CO, and comes from a big family. He played football and basketball growing up, but decided to pursue a football career at Drake University in Des Moines, IA. From there he went on to play a season with the Utah Blaze, but his season ended in knee injury that forced life changing decisions. He took the opportunity to go back to Drake as a graduate assistant defensive line coach. He now works with Wells Fargo in Des Moines.

randallolsson2014-1Lauren and Dain met through mutual friend and bridesmaid, Shannon! Shannon had gone to high school with Dain and stayed good friends with him after she went up to collage at CSU. Lauren and Shannon became friends in college. When Lauren first saw a picture of Dain on Shannon’s facebook, she says it was love at first sight! She even called her mom that day to say she saw her future husband! It wasn’t until a couple of years later when they were introduced and exchanged phone numbers. Almost a year later, Dain texted Lauren out of the blue when he moved back to Colorado from Iowa. It happened to be the very same day that she was moving back to Littleton from Fort Collins. They went to lunch and thus started their new life together.

Denver Wedding Photography-18

Denver Wedding Photography-26

Denver Wedding Photography-27

Lauren and Dain are huge football fans and participate in fantasy football together. They love the Denver Bronco’s. They watch and attend games whenever possible. They also love to work out together and spend lots of time with their adorable dog’s Roma and Luna. They are big believer’s in doing everything together, even running mundane errands!

Denver Wedding Photography-28

Dain and Lauren’s families are both located in Colorado and they could never dream of getting married anywhere else. So, when Dain proposed on Easter Sunday via an easter egg hunt, Lauren said ‘Yes!’, and began planning their wedding long distance. Lauren gives much of the planning credit to her fantastic mother who took care of much of the coordinating.

Denver Wedding Photography-31

Holy Ghost Catholic Church is an absolutely beautiful church to be married in! With it’s rich history.

Denver Wedding Photography-32


Denver Wedding Photography-33

Lauren’s advice to those planning a wedding now is to not sweat the small stuff because you will stress yourself out.  It is so important to remember why you are getting married and to be focused on celebrating your love.  No one will ever remember or notice if the cocktail napkins aren’t absolutely perfect.  Your wedding day is about you, your spouse, and your family.  Lauren and Dain’s wedding was planned on a fairly strict budget but you would never guess that looking at the gorgeous venue that day, the pictures, or tasting the food.  There are so many ways to cut back and save money! Spend your money on what matters most to you.

Denver Wedding Photography-36

Denver Wedding Photography-35

Wedding Vendors

Venue: The Holy Ghost Catholic Church and The Pines at Genesee      

Caterer: The Pines Catering

DJ/Band: Jammin DJs

Bridal shop: d’Anelli Bridal in Lakewood, 

Dress: Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner

Bakery: Astonishing Cakes, LLC 

Celebrant/Officiant:  Monsignor Kenneth Leone at Holy Ghost Catholic Church

Florist: Evans Craft, Diane Evans

Photography:  Randall Olsson Photography, Randall Olsson and Erica Cavanaugh

Inspiration for your Wedding Bouquet

Wedding bouquet

One of our favorite parts of wedding photography is when we get to take a few close ups of the beautiful wedding bouquet that the bride has chosen. This goes for wedding boutonnieres too!

Each couple’s flowers are unique expressions of art, creativity, and a reflection of the tone of their wedding! We love the amazing different wedding bouquets we see. Some wedding bouquets are extremely colorful and wild, while others are more simple and refined. Here is a look at a beautiful collection of wedding bouquets and boutonnieres for you to enjoy and glean inspiration from!

Wedding bouquet

Wedding bouquet

Wedding bouquet

Wedding bouquet

Wedding bouquet

Wedding bouquet


Photographs by Randall Olsson, Hannah Medoff, Felicia Marti, and Erica Cavanaugh

Lookout Mountain Engagement Sessions

Lookout Mountain Engagement Session-16


Lookout Mountain in the stunning Golden, Colorado is a perfect mountain location just minutes away from the city. It is full of forest, meadows, mountain overlooks, tree clearings, and more! Here is a sneak peek at a few of our recent sessions for our brides and grooms who wanted to be surrounded by nature for their Lookout Mountain engagement sessions!


Photographs by Hannah Medoff and Erica Cavanaugh from Randall Olsson Photography

Lakeside Ceremony at Evergreen Lake House

Evergreen Lake House

With the beautiful mountain views, Colorado is the ideal location for wedding with a lakeside ceremony. At the Evergreen Lake House in Evergreen, CO, you get the best of what a Colorado wedding can offer. This post features a couple who tied the knot with a gorgeous lakeside ceremony at sunset. They chose to get married on a perfect fall day with plenty of sunshine and colors bouncing off the water. The Lake House provides a beautiful setting for loved ones to experience this special day.


Evergreen Lake House-2

The ceremony deck at the Evergreen Lake House provided a uniquely Colorado backdrop as it overlooked the lake with tall evergreens and mountains in the distance. We love the serene look of this view as we await the guests to arrive.

Evergreen Lake House-7



As the sun set on their lakeside ceremony, the water came alive with color. We love the feel of these intimate moments as they said their vows and took in the beauty around them. Choosing such a beautiful location on your wedding day can add depth and emotion to your wedding day memories.

Evergreen Lake House-12


Evergreen Lake House-16


Evergreen Lake House-19


Evergreen Lake House-20

Even in the cool of the night, our couple enjoyed being lakeside as they stole a few moments alone on the deck. Whether you are getting married by day or dancing by moonlight, you can never go wrong with a lakeside venue!


Mt. Vernon Country Club & July Weddings in Colorado

Mt Vernon Country Club Wedding-7

We’ve assembled a collection of our photos to give a little insight to what July weddings in Colorado look like. Mt. Vernon Country Club is one of the most beautiful locations for a wedding. With it’s beautiful mountain overlook there’s not much more nature lovers could ask for!

Here are a few samples of different ceremonies from Mt. Vernon Country Club, and one from a venue down the road at the Crystal Rose on beautiful Lookout Mountain that took place in mid-July.

Here’s one from a morning ceremony at Mt. Vernon Country Club mid-summer!

A beautiful evening ceremony a half-hour before sun-set at Mt. Vernon Country Club.

And here is the wedding from The Crystal Rose Lookout Mountain.

And here are a few other photos taken from wedding on Lookout Mountain and near Genesee.


Shoes for your Wedding Day!

Deciding which shoes to wear for your wedding is a big deal! Do you want to pick your wedding color? Buy from your favorite designer? Your favorite pair of cowboy boots? Do you go with flats? Or wedges? Well look at these various pairs of gorgeous shoes that our brides selected for their wedding day.

Wedding Shoes-10

Look at these cute and coordinated purple wedding shoes for the bride and groom!

Wedding Shoes-4

Shoes that are the something blue!

These bride’s had coral as their color- and the coral shoes are fun and colorful!

Wedding Shoes-8

Pink Wedding shoes! And Wedges. So you know you can walk without aerating the grass!

Wedding Shoes-11

These shoes were made for a Harry Potter themed wedding, with parts of the book mod-podged to the shoes. They are absolutely creative and they look amazing!

Cowboy boots with style.

Wedding Shoes-2

More blue shoes! And with bows!

Wedding Shoes-17

Ballet flats!

Wedding Shoes-15

Or white heels that are a mile high! And yes, that is a blue ‘I do’ on the bottoms.

Wedding Shoes-16

Sparkley strappy Steve Madden’s.

Wedding Shoes-9

Another set of gorgeous heels!

Wedding Shoes-13

More bows! More white!

And lastly, here is a set of grooms & groomsmen shoes!

We hope you get some ideas for your own wedding shoes. And, see some gorgeous images that can be taken of your own pair of wedding shoes. Good luck with all of your wedding planning!

Is a ‘First Look’ Right for you on your Wedding Day?

A ‘First Look’ is all the buzz these days in weddings. It is a great way to get a lot of photos accomplished before your ceremony especially if you have a long list of family photos for afterwards, or if you are wanting to be part of your cocktail hour.

What does it mean exactly? It’s a moment set-up to still capture that first reaction to each other on your wedding day. One of our bride’s most requested photos is where her groom sees her for the first time. Traditionally this would be as she makes her way for the aisle, but when it’s set up as a first look- the bride and groom get a chance to react to one another, talk, touch, and have an intimate moment together.






Eloping in Colorado: Romance and Mountains

Kari and Jason called us a week before their date to ask if we could capture their wedding ceremony. They were eloping in Colorado from Texas, wanting to just pull up to a picturesque mountain view and get married! We met them in Boulder at Flagstaff Mountain, hiked up the mountain to a breathtaking view, and captured this amazing intimate moment in their life together!

Colorado Elopement-7


Colorado Elopement-1 Colorado Elopement-2 Colorado Elopement-3 Colorado Elopement-4 Colorado Elopement-5 Colorado Elopement-6 Colorado Elopement-8 Colorado Elopement-9 Colorado Elopement-10 Colorado Elopement-11 Colorado Elopement-12 Colorado Elopement-13 Colorado Elopement-14


Considering a Colorado Elopement to get married to the love of your life? We hope these beautiful pictures inspired you to consider hiring a profession photographer to capture this special moment.


Photos by Hannah Medoff of Randall Olsson Photography

Snowy Engagement Photos in Colorado

Snowy Engagement Photos are trending right now. Maybe it’s because there are so many summer weddings being planned. Or, maybe it’s because everyone’s just got engaged and there’s a kind of magic in these winter months that is so romantic. Either way, with snow coming down hard in Colorado, we have had the chance to photograph in these mini-blizzards!  The result is some awesome snowy engagement photos.

Snowy Engagement Photos

Snowy Engagement Photos

Snowy Engagement Photos

If you’re in Colorado, be sure to consider heading out for that snowy engagement session. It may be cold, and you’ll definitely have to dress for the weather- but it will be worth it!

Photos by Randall Olsson Photography

Photographers: Randy, Hannah, and Felicia

Denver Botanic Gardens Wedding

Dreaming of a beautiful spot in Denver for your wedding, consider having a Denver Botanic Gardens wedding! The York Street Denver Botanic Gardens has six different ceremony sites in unique gardens. We love photographing weddings here because each wedding is absolutely unique when it comes to the couple, the garden they say their vows in, and the endless photo opportunities throughout the garden for romantic wedding photos.

Here is a collection of our favorite photos from very different couple’s Denver Botanic Gardens wedding. The three different ceremony sites that are shown here are the Romantic Gardens, the intimate Water Garden Gazebo, and the All-American Selections Garden.





Photos by: Randall Olsson Photography


Trinity United Methodist Church Wedding | Denver, CO Wedding

Photographing a Trinity United Methodist Church Wedding is always a special occasion! With the history of the historic church dating back to 1887, there is truly something magical when a couple gets married there. Scott and Stacey’s wedding here at Trinity United Methodist Church in Denver, with their reception across the street at the beautiful Brown Palace Hotel was truly a wedding to be remembered!

When booking a Trinity United Methodist Church Weddingyou are blessed with more than enough time before hand to take pre-ceremony pictures. For Stacey and Scott, they knew they wanted to share a first look and share a few moments alone together. Enjoy this peek at their first look on the steps in front of the church!

Trinity United Methodist Church Wedding-1 Trinity United Methodist Church Wedding-2 Trinity United Methodist Church Wedding-3 Trinity United Methodist Church Wedding-4 Trinity United Methodist Church Wedding-5 Trinity United Methodist Church Wedding-6 Trinity United Methodist Church Wedding-7

Scott and Stacey had been friends long time before they fell in love and decided to get married. Their dedicated to one another and their ease with one another shines through when you are around them. One thing we loved about working with them was the sense of humor. It was easy to just laugh our way through the day. They were truly so happy to be spending this day celebrating their wedding and spending time with friends and family!


The after the wedding at Trinity United Methodist Church, the couple rode off through the streets of Denver on a horse and carriage. This was a special moment for them as both are avid horse lovers! We met up with them at the 16th street mall and snapped some great photographs in the heart of Denver.

After their carriage ride, they arrived at The Brown Palace Hotel where their friends and family were waiting for them. The reception was a fun and elegant time with a plated dinner, amazing live music, and celebration that continued through the night.

Photography by Randall Olsson Photography


Wedding at Grant Humphreys Mansion

Grant Humphreys Mansion


Lauren and Joe were married August 18th at the beautiful Grant Humphreys Mansion in Denver, Colorado. The Grant Humphreys Mansion was their inspiration for the feeling of their wedding. They were envisioning a wedding that was elegant, vintage, and yet with whimsical elements. This beautiful bride and groom joined with their friends, and family to create an unforgettable and blissful wedding day!


When it came time for their Grant Humphreys Mansion wedding ceremony the bride described it as, “A kind of a crazy blur of nerves and emotion!”

She continued, “Joe said his first thought was ‘She looks pretty and I hope I don’t mess this up!’  I was thinking, ‘oh yeah, that’s why we should have rehearsed this,’ because I didn’t know what to do when I reached the end of the aisle!  (The Pastor had a tire blow out on his way to our rehearsal, which meant we didn’t have proper rehearsal and had to wing it.)

“After the ceremony, when we had a few minutes alone, Joe made me spin around about a dozen times to soak it all in. We laughed and were able to recount how nervous we both were!  Since we didn’t do a first look (Joe was adamant about this!) the few moments we had after the ceremony were special, exciting, and memorable.”


Since Lauren and her bridesmaids had already picked out the bridesmaid’s dresses that were champagne colored and black it was hard to know which way to go for colors. It was the advice from their florist, Karen Novotny with The Garden Path, that  guided their decisions on color for decor. She said to ‘stay in the natural world’ so Lauren and Joe chose mercury glass votives for the reception tables and collected all kinds of shapes and sizes of the glass for the tables and the fireplace mantles.  Lauren noted, “The shiny and sparkly details, like the mercury glass, picture frames and the handmade table toppers worked out really well!  Our family and friends contributed countless hours in the final few weeks to help us pull off all of the handcrafted details.”

Other details were Lauren’s dad’s homebrew beer withcustom labels. They had hand sewn table toppers, and the decorated paper favor bags for our fresh Palisade Peaches which were gifts for their guests! There were some really unique, fun elements that gave the wedding the character and whimsy while still remaining elegant and traditional.

When asked about their most memorable moments from the day Lauren remembered, “While we were taking pictures, I looked up from the front steps of the mansion and saw Joe throwing the flower girl (my 2 ½ year old niece Lucy) high up in the air!  She was all giggles and smiles.  He told me later that he  suddenly remembered that he was officially an uncle, and immediately went to find Lucy.”

As Lauren mentioned the couple had picked out Palisade Peaches for guests and used the Peaches as decoration and as desserts. Lauren said, “The cake table was gorgeous and also a big surprise.  The caterer helped set it up and she did an incredible job integrating the peaches, mercury glass, 2-tiered cake and 3 homemade peach pies. We had a lot of comments about it from guests.”

The father daughter dance was also very special and highly anticipated moment for the bride.  Her dad wrote a song for her when she was a little girl and recently he teamed up with a couple of professional musicians to record and mix it for the wedding.  He didn’t let anyone listen to it before their special dance so it was a total surprise! It was a beautiful moment.

We so enjoyed working with this couple as they took every little moment to cherish their wedding at the historic Grant Humphreys Mansion!

Grant Humphreys Mansion

As a last note from the bride and groom, “we can’t say enough about the competence, professionalism and awesomeness of all our vendors, including Hannah and Jeff our photographers from Randall Olsson Photography!  We would highly recommend any of them to anyone planning an event.”


Florist:  The Garden Path, Karen Novotny

Catering: Biscuits and Berries, Laura Hylton (event manager)

DJ: Quality Mobile Sound

Cake: Posh Pastries

Hudson Gardens Wedding: New Orleans Theme

Hudson Gardens Wedding

This Hudson Gardens Wedding is absolutely beautiful and original with a New Orleans twist to celebrate their marriage! Courtney and Kevin used so much creativity when it came to planning the details of their wedding. The couple was married in a ceremony at Hudson Gardens’ beautiful Monet’s Place. Their reception was in the Welcome Garden Pavillion.

This couple chose to have an outdoor Hudson Gardens wedding as a way to honor Colorado in their wedding ceremony. The groom is from New Orleans so they chose to use New Orleans food and attire, and carry the theme into their decor with table names as street names. Some of our favorite details included their blue striped bow-ties, the table decorations, and the ‘just married’ pedicab that drove the couple away from their ceremony!

One thing that was important to this couple was to do a lot of the details themselves with help of family and friends. So everything from the flowers to the decor was hand crafted. This includes the adorable cake-topper made by Courtney, the bride, who is a ceramics teacher and does a lot of her own pottery! She also did the table decor!

When it came time for their reception we were blown away by the fun New Orleans’s wedding traditions have. A huge highlight for the bride and groom was that their families traveled from Pennsylvania and New Orleans to celebrate with them!

As the sun set, the tent was lit by twinkling lights overhead. Guests followed behind Courtney and Kevin for the traditional second line parade. The bride and groom carried uniquely decorated umbrellas as they celebrated the beginning of a new life as husband and wife! The party continued as guests danced, and even did the limbo!

We want to give a special thank you to this awesome couple for sharing their special day with us. Please enjoy the photos from Courtney and Kevin’s amazing Hudson Gardens wedding.










Catering: Catering By Design

Cake: Das Meyer

DJ: Perry Washington

Alcohol supplied by: Mondo Vino

Flowers: Kate Dalton

City Park Pavilion Wedding: Urban Country Style

This is the story of Audrey and Charles City Park Pavilion wedding. It’s what happens when a country boy meets a city girl, they fall in love, and wear cowboy boots to their rustic thrifty wedding in the middle of Denver! This wedding was amazing fun, full of hand-made details, and so much love! For us to tell the story of their City Park Pavilion wedding would be an injustice, so we will hand it over to Audrey and Charles.



We started our search by looking online at different wedding venues in Denver. We were feeling frustrated because we were on a pretty tight budget and most of the venues we liked offered a package deal that didn’t really fit our budget. We figured that in order to get the most bang for our buck our ideal venue would let us cater our own food and drinks, bring in our own decor, tables and chairs, etc. We turned to local parks and recreation centers, and that is when we found City Park Pavilion! It checked all the boxes on our list.  It was only our second venue to tour in person and it immediately felt like the perfect fit.




We knew whatever we couldn’t make or borrow we could shop around and find the best price to pull off our dream wedding on a budget. The gardens gave us the “backyard” cozy feel that fits our personalities so well and City Park Pavilion itself was a beautiful, historic and classy blank canvas that we could easily decorate to suit our tastes.



It was raining so bad when we got into the limo to head to City Park Pavilion. Things were not looking good with the weather and it was a pretty stressful start to the wedding. Just as we were pulling up to the venue, I looked up and there were our groomsmen, dads and a few other guys lined up holding the pretty paper umbrellas (originally intended to use as shade for the “sunny” Colorado afternoon). They used the umbrellas to create a tunnel for the bridesmaids and me to walk under so we didn’t get rained on (Charles was on strict orders to not leave the men’s room during this fiasco).



It went from being a stressful, hectic situation to one of the most fun and memorable! It was also when I accepted the fact that we would be blessed with sideways rain on our wedding day and at that point there was nothing to do to change it, we would just have to go with the flow. It all worked out beautifully!



During the sideways rain for our ceremony and vows-  Lu, our wedding officiant asked Charles if he would take Audrey to be his wife, etc etc.  Right after Charles said “I will” there was a loud crashing thunder as if God were placing His seal of approval for our vows. The timing was perfect and we all cheered.



Charles said his most memorable moment of the day was when Audrey said her vows: The thunder and wind were so loud and she started out the first few words loud like I did, trying to raise her voice over the weather. But she quickly quieted down when she was trying to fight back tears. I may have been the only one to hear her besides our officiant.

When it was time for the the kiss it all felt real; it was awesome. So much emotion, excitement, and relief knowing that we were finally married and this was the beginning of our lives together. We couldn’t stop smiling.



When the time came to start preparing for the wedding, we started with making our own wedding invitations and ended up making the centerpieces, and most of the decor & ceremony items. We enlisted the help of our wonderful family members and friends for their crafty skills!



For the decor, we started early (at least 6 months out) scouring thrift stores for mismatched lanterns and rustic decor items. Once we had a good stash collected, the Jeep was moved outside and the garage became Wedding Command Station. We are both pretty handy and love DIY projects!  

Every weekend and many evenings for months before the wedding there was usually something to do. Some of the bigger projects included making the ceremony backdrop, painting and distressing lanterns and buckets for flowers, painting our fingerprint guestbook tree, painting and distressing the old window for the seating chart, making the bar (stepdad), cleaning and glazing old rusty horseshoes (dad and stepmom), the list goes on and on. 



It was funny to work around the weather. We had planned lots of beautiful pictures in the garden and at the bandshell and it turned out that most of our formal pictures were taken in the pavilion with the iron gates as the backdrop with friends and family looking on. It was lovely – and the lights the guys worked so hard on putting up looked amazing with the dark gloomy sky.





Our photographers Hannah and Felicia (from Randall Olsson Photography) certainly did not let the weather dampen their spirits or inspiration. Every time there was a break in the rain they would come and grab us, quickly gather the wedding party, and run outside for some great shots. There were even a couple times they covered the cameras with bags and headed out in the rain to capture us outside the venue under the arches and the back patio.”



We want to thank Audrey and Charles for sharing such an intimate view into their wedding day. This City Park Pavilion wedding was absolutely magical and romantic. It would be safe to say that their hope for a urban country casual feeling was executed perfectly. We are so happy to have been a part of their wedding day.

Florist: Nature’s Palate Floral 

Officiant: Lu Reuter

DJ: Scott Slavik

Hair: Maria Gomez

Makeup: Sara Duffey Artistry

Food: El Jardin Catering

Cake: Jeana Lopez

A Romantic Wedding at Bella Sera Event Center

The Bella Sera Event Center is a beautiful place for a romantic indoor wedding! It was the perfect place for Megan and Ryan who’s love for one another and their families made their wedding incredibly special.

Bella Sera Wedding

For Megan and Ryan, simplicity was important for them while planning their wedding. They went with a black and white theme, for its simplicity and timelessness. Their decor went beautifully with Bella Sera’s ambiance and tuscan feel.

When it came time for the ceremony and they first laid eyes on one another Ryan said, “I almost started crying. She looked so beautiful and I could not believe that I was about to marry the woman I love.” For Megan it was being overwhelmed with joy and happiness. She said, “He looked so handsome! I was thankful for meeting the most amazing man and I knew that this day was going to be so memorable for us. It was a big stepping stone in our relationship towards the future together: forever.”

“The most memorable moment was when we finally kissed and were pronounced, ‘Husband and Wife’!”

We loved all of the creative ideas Ryan and Megan incorporated! Especially with their wedding party: from their fun super hero shirts for the groomsmen and their pose from the movie Bridesmaids with the girls! For the couple they especially loved the guys’s skinny ties, and of course the wedding gown!

When it came time for the reception the feeling of being married really started to sink in as everyone greeted them as Mr. and Mrs!


This Bella Sera wedding went off without a hitch and we were excited to be a part in such a special day. Megan and Ryan want to share that, “the wedding day was perfect. It’s all the people you love and adore in one place celebrating the happiest day of your lives.” We absolutely agree, and send our best to the newlyweds!

Wedding! Outdoor Ceremony with Coral Details

outdoor wedding

This outdoor ceremony and mountain wedding was at once fun, sweet, and full of beautiful details. When we first met Brittney and Evan, we knew we would be in for a beautiful wedding day with their laid back and fun-loving style. From start to finish the wedding went perfectly. The two waited in suspense until the moment Brittney came down the aisle, and they were finally able to be together to celebrate their day. We are so excited to show off these gorgeous pictures of their day, as well as some insight from the bride and groom themselves!


What went through your minds when you first saw each other down the aisle?  

Couple: Both of us were thinking: don’t cry. Evan had to look past Brittney in order not to cry.  He looked off into the woods for a second to keep it together.  Brittney knew if she started crying she would continue to cry during the entire ceremony.  She looked to her dad to help keep it all together while walking down the isle.

Brittney: Evan made my heart skip a beat when I saw him standing at the end of the aisle.  He looked so handsome and collected.  I couldn’t wait to be standing next to him.


What was your most memorable moment of the day?  

Evan: It was holding Brittney’s hands during the ceremony.  It made me feel close to her.

Brittney: Standing next to Evan after I first walked down the aisle.  Once I was next to him I relaxed completely and just let everything else go.  It was nice to take a few seconds to just be there and take everything in before the ceremony began.  Honestly, I wanted to kiss him right then.

What inspired the coral color you chose for your wedding?

Couple: We don’t think there was anything that really inspired the color.  We choose the color because it is a great spring color.  We didn’t want anything too dark, and something that represented our energy.  When Brittney was shopping for bridesmaids dresses she saw it, and just fell in love with the color.  About a month prior to the wedding Brittney wore coral almost everyday!