A Romantic Wedding at Bella Sera Event Center

The Bella Sera Event Center is a beautiful place for a romantic indoor wedding! It was the perfect place for Megan and Ryan who’s love for one another and their families made their wedding incredibly special.

Bella Sera Wedding

For Megan and Ryan, simplicity was important for them while planning their wedding. They went with a black and white theme, for its simplicity and timelessness. Their decor went beautifully with Bella Sera’s ambiance and tuscan feel.

When it came time for the ceremony and they first laid eyes on one another Ryan said, “I almost started crying. She looked so beautiful and I could not believe that I was about to marry the woman I love.” For Megan it was being overwhelmed with joy and happiness. She said, “He looked so handsome! I was thankful for meeting the most amazing man and I knew that this day was going to be so memorable for us. It was a big stepping stone in our relationship towards the future together: forever.”

“The most memorable moment was when we finally kissed and were pronounced, ‘Husband and Wife’!”

We loved all of the creative ideas Ryan and Megan incorporated! Especially with their wedding party: from their fun super hero shirts for the groomsmen and their pose from the movie Bridesmaids with the girls! For the couple they especially loved the guys’s skinny ties, and of course the wedding gown!

When it came time for the reception the feeling of being married really started to sink in as everyone greeted them as Mr. and Mrs!


This Bella Sera wedding went off without a hitch and we were excited to be a part in such a special day. Megan and Ryan want to share that, “the wedding day was perfect. It’s all the people you love and adore in one place celebrating the happiest day of your lives.” We absolutely agree, and send our best to the newlyweds!